Instructions to Authors for the Preparation of Written Papers

Authors are required to ensure that their Technical Paper adheres to the structure, quality, and formatting guidelines provided in these instructions (available for download). Papers not meeting these requirements will not be considered.

The manuscript template is available on the Alumina 2024 website to assist authors in proper formatting. The final submission deadline for completed papers is 15 January 2024. All papers will undergo peer review, and authors may receive feedback for potential revisions. Papers will only be accepted for publication and presentation after the peer review and revision process is satisfactory to the Technical Review Sub-committee.

General Instructions

Authors must:

  • Ensure that all information in their manuscripts (data, proper names of organizations, citations) is accurate, and that the conclusions drawn are based on sound logic;
  • Use clear and concise writing throughout the paper, with consistent English spelling (either UK or US English but not a mixture of both);
  • Avoid non-standard and uncommon abbreviations as far as possible; where they are necessary, explain them at the first instance.
  • Use SI units or acceptable metric equivalents throughout.
  • Prepare the manuscript using Microsoft (MS) Word for Windows word processing software;
  • Use Arial 10pt font unless otherwise indicated.

Length of Paper

Do not exceed 9 pages, including all appendices and illustrations in the required format.

Page Size and Layout

The manuscript should be formatted for A4 (21 cm x 29.7 cm) paper with specified margin settings. Do not number the pages.

Body of Paper

The body of the paper starts after the Abstract, with the major heading "1. INTRODUCTION" in bold Arial font.


Headings should be in 10-point Arial type and may have up to three levels: major, second-level, and third-level.


Text paragraphs should be single-spaced and fully justified, with a total spacing of 6 pts between paragraphs.

Figures and Tables

Figures and tables should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals and placed close to the corresponding text. Captions should be placed below figures and above tables. Figures should be high resolution and tables should be submitted as editable text.

Equations and Symbols

Equations and symbols should be centered, numbered consecutively in parentheses at the right-hand margin, and explained in the text.


Number in-text citations in square brackets ([1, 2]) and list the corresponding references in this section (REFERENCES) in the same numerical order. Use the same number to precede the reference entry. Please ensure that the data provided in the references are complete and correct. Use of the DOI is encouraged. Download the template to see further instructions.


Conclusions should convey key takeaways and achievements of the work, be specific and concise, and not exceed 200 words.

Arrangement of Content

Papers should be arranged under headings in the following order: Title, Author Names with Affiliations, Abstract, Introduction, Experimental or Method, Main Text with headings, Conclusions, Acknowledgments, References.

These are the general guidelines for preparing written papers. Authors should consult the provided template on the Alumina 2024 website for specific formatting details. For detailed information, guidelines document is available for download.

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