Manuscript submissions remain open to all authors that have an "accepted abstract", but have not yet submitted their full technical paper. Please contact the conference management team ( / if you have any questions or face any difficulty with submitting your manuscript.

Manuscript Submission is now open!

Manuscript submission can be made via the Manuscript Submission link that you have received in your email.

The conference organising committee is pleased to invite authors of accepted abstracts to submit their manuscripts for Alumina 2024, the 12th AQW Conference and Exhibition. Submissions are invited for inclusion in the parallel technical sessions, as well poster presentations.

Alumina 2024 will examine the technology challenges of the alumina industry in the context of the rapidly escalating response to global initiatives to combat climate change and to minimize our industry’s overall environmental footprint, as described in the Alumina Technology Roadmap 2050 ( Achieving these goals will rely on collaboration across the industry, not only between alumina producers but also with suppliers (of materials, services and technology), customers, governments, research institutions and the communities within which they operate.

Papers that address this theme are particularly encouraged and should align with one or more of the related streams outlined below. Note that we have changed two of the stream topics to better reflect the content of some of the abstracts we have received, and to allow more logical grouping of presentations during the conference. No action is required by you: we will ensure that your papers are allocated to the appropriate stream.

Stream 1: Energy

Topics to be explored could include new technologies or developments that aid the shift to green energy for heat and electricity generation, practical examples of unit processes based on alternative energy sources, alternative processes that significantly shift the energy footprint of alumina production or bauxite mining, or which achieve practical gains in bauxite quality and/or processability.

Stream 2: Bauxite Residue

Developments, concepts or research that, for example, support progress towards the elimination of long-term bauxite residue storage, that further enhance the safety and sustainability of stored residue, or that position bauxite residue as an alternative to other resources or products to reduce their environmental impact will be considered in this technical stream.

Stream 3: Process Development

Advancements in alumina production and the application and further development of new refining technologies are covered in this stream. Modernisation of existing refineries or improvements in process control also fall into this category.

Stream 4: Resources

The stewardship of Bauxite, mining sites and the societal and environmental impacts of bauxite mining will be explored in this stream, as well as the other major resources that comprise the Bayer process. Minimising caustic soda use, integration of its production into refining operations, the use and re-use of lime, and the optimization of process additive use are all relevant, but this topic also seeks to explore the development and well-being of the human resources upon which our industry depends (such as education, health and safety programs and collaboration across the industry).

Stream 5: New Research

Fundamental and applied research leading to enhanced knowledge of various facets of alumina refining, proof of concept studies for new technologies or processes, or improved analytical procedures or techniques, amongst others, are captured in this stream.

Manuscript submission can be made via the Manuscript Submission link that you have received in your email.

All manuscripts must follow the guidelines and be submitted online no later than 29th January 2024. All manuscripts will be reviewed by a panel of industry peers and technical experts appointed by the AQW Inc Executive Committee. Candidates will be informed of the committee’s decision via email on or before the 16th February 2024.

Please note that the closing date for manuscript submission cannot be extended beyond 29th January 2024.

All enquiries regarding manuscripts for Alumina 2024 should be emailed to

If you have not submitted your Manuscript yet, please submit it as soon as possible

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